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Tillman Knee Pads, Cowhide #562 (1 Pair)

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Product Number: 562
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Tillman Knee Pads, Cowhide #562 (1 Pair)

To get the right weld, cut, or gouge in a piece of metal you may have to move in many different ways or angels throughout the day. Doing this can and is often killer on the joints and in particular the knees. This need not be the case with the Tillman 562 heavy duty knee pads. The entire unit including the straps holding them to the legs is made of cowhide leather. Making these knee pads able to withstand any beating that a jobsite or worker can throw at them. All while remaining comfortable to kneel on with dense rubber inserts being sewn into the pads themselves.

Give your work a touch of personal flair, or achieve the level of protection that suits your needs with these great welding accessories.

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