3M™ Speedglas™ Inside Protection Plate 9100V, Welding Safety #06-0200-10

Part Number: 06-0200-10

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3M™ Speedglas™ Inside Protection Plate 9100V, Welding Safety #06-0200-10

The interior of the filter is just as important and just as detrimental to the protection of the welder as the exterior of the helmet as well. With the aid of these interior protection plates the welder using the 9100 complete helmet assembly is not only covered in a monetary stand point by the warranties guidelines, but is protected themselves from the harmful sparks and spatter that is accompanied by welding. For both the exterior and interior plates are hard coated to protect from scratches and abrasions while welding, and made from a flame resistant material to guard against the sparks and spatter. Making these plates a necessity for any and all welders using this model of helmets.

Safety equipment sold separately or together in a kit make finding what you need easily

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