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Tillman High-Heat Glove with Aluminized Rayon #820BHPL (LEFT HAND ONLY)

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Product Number: 820BHPL
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Tillman High-Heat Welding Glove with Aluminized Rayon #820BHP

The Tillman 820BHPL is a glove designed for protecting the wearer from high heat, spark, and spatter. Four strategically designed heat-resistant materials are layered to maximize protection without sacrificing usability.

The first (outermost) layer of protection is the snap-on back hand pad made of an extremely reflective aluminized carbon Kevlar. Underneath, the snap-on back hand pad is covered by vermiculate fiberglass material; the same material high-heat welding blankets and curtains are made of. This pad is easily attached to the glove by 8 snap buttons attached on either side by leather reinforced wings to limit potential damage to the pad with repeated attaching/detaching. However, in the event this pad is damaged, it can be easily replaced.

Underneath the back hand pad is heat resistant cowhide which has been bonded with an aluminum compound to reflect heat away from the welder's hand. The last layer of defense is a wool lining within the glove to insulate the hand from heat while also keeping the hand at body temperature if the glove is worn in cold temperatures.


  • 14” length.
  • Reinforced thumb.
  • Includes snap-on back-hand pad (558) made from ACK and black vermiculite coated fiberglass.
  • Size Large


Tillman Welding Gloves Size Chart


Tillman welding gloves size chart


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