Tillman Helmet Headgear Pad, Sheepskin #561

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Tillman Helmet Headgear Pad, Sheepskin #561

Helmets need to always be worn while welding, cutting, or gouging to ensure that no harm comes to the person that is doing such. Prolonged use and wearing of the helmets however can cause quite a bit of fatigue of the wearers neck being as the helmets themselves can be quiet heavy. It was for this reason that headgear was invented and the Tillman 561 is one of these inventions. It is 7in long by 5in wide allowing for almost complete coverage of the back of the head where the helmet strap sits, and is held to this strap by way of a simple snap closure that buttons it to it and even has a adjustment hole for ratchet style helmets. All while being made of soft and absorbent sheepskin to limit the amount of fatigue and sweat that may accumulate in this area of the welding, cutting, or gouging helmet.

Helmet not included

Welding supplies and accessories all sold here to allow for ease of mind and comfort of work done by the user.

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