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Magswitch MLAY1000X4 Lifting Magnet #8100418

Part Number: 8100418
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Magswitch MLAY1000X4 #8100418

The Magswitch MLAY1000x4 lifting magnet is built for heavy-duty lifting, our magnet technology is powerful without the need for a power source. Safely lock in both the On and Off position with a magnetic holding force of 3640 pounds. The dual lift hook offers the stability to lift horizontally and a single hook to lift into a vertical position.


  • Superior hold force on Thin steel (70mm deep field).
  • Compact, light weight and easy actuation.
  • Pivoting Hook allows lift from horizontal to vertical.
  • Pole Shoes – replaceable for long life, or make custom shoes match to target.
  • Lock on/ off handle.
  • Lifts Flat or Pipe.
  • Superior performance in the presence of air gaps such as rust, paint and uneven surfaces.
  • Better performance on thin steel allows Magswitch to fit the job with a lighter magnet and usually at a better price.




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Magnet Strength 3900 lbs/1773 kg
Safe Working Load 1300 lbs/591 kg
Full Saturation Thickness 3/4” / 12.7mm
Max Safe Shear 283 lbs/128.6 kg
Minimum Thickness for De-Stack 3/4” / 12.7mm
Net Weight 45.2 lbs/20.5 kg
Mounting Thread M8x1.25
Overall Height 9.9in/250.79 mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint 336.0×97.6 mm

Product Questions and Answers

Q - What is the most weight this can lift? A - Magswitch literature says the maximum safe working load is 1,213 lbs.
Q - How well does this work with rusted and uneven surfaces? A - It works extremely well with porous materials and uneven surfaces, as well as thin steel.

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