Miller Front Lens Cover Part#267420 (Pack of 5)

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Miller Front Lens Cover Part#267420 (Pack of 5)

Miller replacement cover lens. For use with Miller Weld-Mask auto-darkening goggles ONLY.

Welders Supply understands safety is very important to every worker, which is why we stock disposable masks from Miller which are not only comfortable, but provide maximum safety even when welding. The Miller N95 disposable mask is designed to provide safe air flow while allowing you to work uninterrupted through harsh welding environments or other situations where clean air is limited. These are not just cheap safety masks, either; the Miller N95 is durable enough to last through the toughest of situations until you throw it away. You can bet on getting a great price on these disposable masks. Rest assured, Welders Supply provides the best prices on all products, and you’ll be getting a great price no matter what you buy here.

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