Miller VS Series Outside Cover Lens (Pack of 5)

Product Number: 231411
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Miller VS Series Outside Cover Lens (Pkg of 5) Part#231411

For use with Classic and Pro-Hobby helmets

The Miller Classic and Pro-Hobby welding helmets are advanced helmets that help you get an accurate weld with superior visibility. The cover lenses on these great welding helmets need to be replaced whenever they get too dirty to clean. Make sure to replace your lenses frequently for optimal visibility and safety while welding. These lenses not only come at a great price, are designed to be tough and withstand any workshop condition. Instead of gouging your pockets at other stores, come to Welders Supply and get a great price every time, guaranteed. Get your cover lenses from Welders Supply and save on every purchase!

Protecting you and your money with these many different safety accessories

Package of 5


Height: 0.30 Inches
Width: 4.00 Inches
Length: 4.50 Inches
Weight: 0 Lb(s) 3 Oz

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