Revco Black Stallion Comfortable & High-Dexterity MIG Glove #GM1510-WT

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Revco Black Stallion

Revco Black Stallion

Revco Black Stallion Comfortable & High-Dexterity MIG Glove #GM1510-WT

  • The GM1510-WT is an ultra-soft goatskin MIG welding glove with extreme dexterity.
  • The soft goatskin palm is designed to reduce fatigue and provide better gun control while the lined cowhide back offers heat protection and durability.
  • The glove also features Revco’s signature DragPatch® side reinforcement for extra abrasion resistance and heat insulation while the hand is resting on or sliding across a welding surface.
  • A seamless index finger allows for smooth and unobstructed touch.
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Product Specifications:

  • Premium soft goatskin dexterity and comfort
  • Fully lined for additional heat protection
  • Excellent hand control for MIG welding

Product Name: Revco Black Stallion Comfortable and High Dexterity MIG Glove

Product MPN: GM1510-WT

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