Miller Weld Mask II #280982

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Miller Weld-Mask™ 2 Auto-Darkening Welding Goggles 280982

The Miller Weld-Mask™ 2 is a shade 5-13 auto-darkening welding goggle for the industrial welding market. The expanded face protector allows you to wear a Miller half mask respirator and safety glasses under the Weld-Mask 2. The larger flame retardant cotton head shroud provides greater head and shoulder coverage.

The Weld-Mask 2 combines a larger rigid face protector and flame retardant head/shoulder shroud with shade 5-13 auto-darkening welding goggles with X-Mode™. X-Mode™ is ideal when welding with low amperage DC TIG, with obstructed views of the welding arc or while welding outdoors. These goggles are capable of DC TIG welding down to 5 amps, have external controls and come with a 2 year lens warranty.

The Weld-Mask 2 is a lightweight, comfortable safety solution for light-duty MIG welding, TIG welding, plasma cutting and oxy/fuel cutting. It is ideal for working in tight spaces and can be worn under a hard hat without the use of any adapters.

Comes Complete With
  • Shade 5-13 auto-darkening welding goggles with X-Mode™
  • Face guard
  • Head cover
  • 2 - replacement outside cover lenses
  • 1 - anti-fog inside cover lens
  • Storage bag


  • Ideal for industrial or construction environments.
  • Can be worn with a Miller® Half Mask Respirator and Miller® Classic safety glasses.
  • Shades 5-13 for use with MIG, TIG, stick, and gas welding and cutting. Wide singular lens provides unmatched auto-darkening range of visibility.
  • X-Mode™ electromagnetically senses the weld to eliminate sunlight interference and continuously detects the arc even if sensors are blocked.
  • Compact design allows users to weld in spaces where access with traditional welding helmets is limited.
  • Face shield and flame retardant head cover provide coverage for UV/IR rays and applications with limited spatter.
  • Fits under a hard hat without the need of an adapter.
  • Meets CE/ANSI/CSA/AS NZ standards.
  • Anti-Fog
  • Form-fitting orbital eye coverage enhances protection
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens
  • Wrap around designs meet ANSI side shield requirements
  • Angle adjustable temples for personalized fit
  • Lightweight for all-day comfort
  • Frameless design provides unobstructed view
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1+ Standards


Height: 9.00 Inches
Width: 5.00 Inches
Length: 9.00 Inches
Weight: 2 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Miller Weld Mask II with Auto-Darkening Googles #280982

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Can this be worn over prescription eyeglasses? A - Yes, it will work with reading and safety eyeglasses.
Q - Can you wear a respirator under this? A - Yes, unlike the Weld Mask, the Weld Mask 2 allows for use of a half mask respirator and safety glasses/prescription eyeglasses.

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