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Evolution Rage 3 Chop Saw (discontinued)

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Product Number: RAGE3 SAW
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Evolution Rage 3 Mulitpurpose Chop Saw (discontinued)

Buy the Evolution 10 Multipurpose Chop Saw from Welders Supply 

Welders Supply is proud to offer the Rage 3 Chop Saw. Every shop will be better with its revolutionary design and usability. It’s a miter saw and so much more. Truly a multipurpose powerhouse, able to cut steel, aluminum, wood (even with nails!) and even plastics – all with one blade.

The Rage 3 chop saw can easily cut through materials in a manner that has been impossible up until now. There is a high-torque motor and heavy-duty gear box, reducing stress on the engine and adding greater longevity of service. You’ll like the unusual in-line handle which makes it easy for you to change to right- or left-handed use. Welder's RAGE3 SAW is protected by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

"The original "EVOLUTION" 10" compound mitre RAGE saw cuts steel, aluminum, & wood with the use of only one multipurpose blade."

The Rage 3 Chop Saw from Welders Supply has incredible cutting power, even though it’s an extremely accurate miter saw. It cuts without generating heat, even when cutting through steel. No coolant of any kind is needed. You can handle the steel immediately after cutting because it’s cold and burr-free. Don’t use a different chop saw and slow things down. Use the Rage 3 Chop Saw to speed things up!

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Evolution Rage 3 Chop Saw Specifications

Motor 120v ~ 60Hz 2000W (Soft Start)
Amps 15A
Horse Power 2.5HP
RPM No Load 2500
Recommended Maximum Duty Cycle 30 mins
Sound Pressure Level (Under Load) 98.0dB(A) mins
Tool Weight 39 lbs.

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