WeldPorn 2% Lanthanated Tungsten #WPTE2L

Part Numbers: WP-TE2L-18-10T, WP-TE2L-116-10T, WP-TE2L-332-10T
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WeldPorn 2% Lanthanated Tungsten #WPTE2C

2% Lanthanated Tungsten is more pronounced than the 1% electrode, which leads to it carrying about 20% more current capacity. Can be used in AC welding under certain specific situations, but make sure you start with a DC positive electrode before welding with AC.


Comes in:

  • 1/16 7" 10 pc
  • 1/8 7" 10 pc
  • 3/32 7" 10 pc


Height: 1.00 Inches
Width: 2.00 Inches
Length: 6.00 Inches
Weight: 1 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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