ESAB Proban/Leather Welding Jacket - 0700010302,0700010303,0700010304

Part Numbers: 0700010302, 0700010303, 0700010304

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ESAB Proban/Leather Welding Jacket - 0700010302, 0700010303, 0700010304

  • The ESAB Proban Welding Jacket features cowhide leather shoulder and sleeves with Proban FR cotton front and back.
  • Leather provides superior protection from weld spatter in the areas where the welder is most exposed to sparks and spatter.
  • Proban FR cotton body is lightweight and breathable, keeping the welder more cool and comfortable than a full leather welding jacket.
  • The ESAB Proban welding jacket has stand-up Proban welder's collar, three inner pockets and leather sleeves with snap adjustments.
  • Proban fabric remains fire-retardant for the life of the garment. Jacket is entirely sewn with Kevlar thread.

    These generally fit one size smaller. Example: An X-Large would fit as if a Large

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Product Name: ESAB Proban/Leather Welding Jacket

Product MPN: 0700010302, 0700010303, 0700010304


Height: 1.00 Inches
Width: 10.00 Inches
Length: 10.00 Inches
Weight: 5 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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