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Evolution 14 in. Multipurpose Rage 2 Chop Saw

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Rage 2 Chop Saw: Witness the Welding Evolution 

Ultimate Chop Saw From Welders Supply Company

The Rage 2 Chop Saw from Evolution Power Tools offers world-class quality and flexibility. It cuts quickly, smoothly and safely through wood, plastic and steel--with no burrs. No other saw or blade does so much or does it so well. Even at a severe angle, the cut is clean, smooth and burr-free. Thanks to a high-torque gear box, which improves performance and durability by reducing stress on the motor, you can even cut stone, concrete or brick with the optional 355mm (14") Diamond Blade. 

Utilizing a TCT blade rather than an abrasive wheel, the Rage Chop Saw thoroughly out-performs abrasive saws. Cuts are fast and clean, with no burr and virtually no sparks. When cutting steel, the RAGE2 cuts cold--no coolant is required-- and because the material is cold it can be handled and worked on immediately. It's economical too, offering up to 750 cuts in mild steel box section before a replacement blade is needed.

Powerful, versatile, durable, and cost-effective, the Rage 2 may be the only saw you'll need. For the lowest possible price, get yours here at Welders Supply. As with all orders over $300, this product ships free within the continental US.

Why would you buy a saw that only cuts steel, when you can buy a RAGE 2® Multipurpose Saw? 

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RAGE 2 Multipurpose Chop Saw: Specifications

Motor 120v ~ 60Hz 2000W
Amps 15A
Horse Power 2.5HP
RPM No Load 1450
Optimum Thickness of Cut (Mild Steel Plate) 1/4”
Recommended Maximum Duty Cycle 30 mins
Sound Pressure Level (Under Load) 112.4dB(A)
Tool Weight 45 lbs.
Tool Dimensions (HxWxD) 23-1/2” x 11-3/4” x 22-1/2”

Multipurpose 14 in. Rage 2 Saw Guide & Manuals

Read About this impressive Chop Saw from Evolution Power Tools

The welding world is changing. With the multi-purpose Rage 2 Saw from Evolution Power Tools, one 14" blade outperforms twenty abrasive discs. Read the documents below for more information on this saw: 

There's a lot to get through in these three documents on the Rage 2 saw. If you are running low on time or need a specific question asked, ask our experts! 

The power tool experts at Welders Supply are on standby to answer your questions about the best power tools for sale today! 

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