Pferd Milwaukee Brushes #85033 10-1/4x1-1/8

Part Number: 85033

Pferd Milwaukee Brush #85033

Welding Wire Brush Provides Deliver Superior Production

This Pferd Milwaukee Advance Brush is a must-have cleaning tool for welding and construction jobs alike. Trust this durable and functional brush for removing rust, paint, dirt and other debris. Don’t settle for a cheap alternative when you have this advanced brush. Pferd brushes are designed with strength and great performance in mind. This brush is crafted with quality hardwood scratch blocks and precision-based wire tufts. Brush blocks are kiln-dried to ensure even spacing and rigidity. The straight brush handle shape provides the best grip and leverage compared to a curved handle. The carbon steel wire provides longer lasting quality than the average brand. Use this brush for medium to heavy duty cleaning. It measures 10x1/4x1-1/8 with 4x16 wire rows and 1-3/16 wire length. We bring you this top quality welding wire brush. With this great price, you can order some for all your on-site workers!

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Wire Rows

Brush Part Length

Filament Material

Block Size (LxW, In.)

Trim Length




Carbon Steel Wire





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