Weldcraft 2% Ceriated Tungsten #WC332X7

Product Number: WC332X7
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Weldcraft 2% Seriated Tungsten #WC332X7

Welders Supply offers the Weldcraft 2% Seriated Tungsten #WC332X7 at a competitive price. You’ll find it to be a good performer in DC welding and with an arc beginning at low current settings. It is also very effective in AC processes. It’s 2.4 mm x 175 mm with a serium alloying element. A 2% seriated tungsten electrode is excellent for DC welding. It’s also very effective in demanding TIG welding processes. The electrode has been vigorously tested to make sure it offers maximum quality and durability. Each electrode is EWCe-2 3/32" with a 7-inch diameter.

Welders Supply continues to be the best online source of top-quality cost-effective solutions to any welding challenge. Our regular customers include professional welders from all over the country. They appreciate our top-quality products, excellent customer service and, most of all, our low prices. Welders Supply also regularly announces special promotions. These are for some of our most popular products, offered at amazingly low prices. It is certainly worth your while to visit this website frequently so you’ll be able to take full advantage of these wonderful values. 

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Size 3/32″ x 7″ (2.4 mm x 175 mm)
Applications DC
AC inverters
Alloying Element Cerium
Composition 97.3% Tungsten
1.8 – 2.20% Cerium
0.5% Other


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