Weldcote Tig Filler Metal - Aluminum 1 LB #er4043

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Product Number: er4043
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Weldcote Tig Filler Metal #er4043

Weldcote TIG Filler Metals 4043 Offers High Performance at Low Costs

The ER4043 filler metals from Weldcote are high performance filler made with an aluminum and 5% silicone combination (commonly referred to as AlSi5). Welders Supply offers this for MIG or TIG welding, and is available in spools or cut lengths for the MIG or TIG processes you need. This filler is used primarily for welding aluminum alloys of 3003, 3004, 5052, 6061, 6063 and casting alloys of 43, 355 and 214. This filler does require Argon gas as a shield.

The most common applications for using the ER4043 filler metal is for automotive parts, truck trailers and bicycles. This Weldcote TIG filler metal #er4043 can be used to repair welding aluminum and silicon cast alloys, such as the 353/A356 grades. It is also ideally suited for brazing thin aluminum sheet and tubing. The 4043 Alloy also has a 5% silicon mixture used to weld heat-treatable base alloys. The added silicon improves puddle fluidity, and an excellent welding bead.


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