Tillman Reversible Backhand Pad #556

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Tillman Reversible Backhand Pad #556

Sometimes an accident can happen on the jobsite; thankfully with the proper safety equipment you can avoid a mishap that could cause serious harm. However the damage may be done to the equipment instead. In these cases the ability to have reversible items can be a great boon to you, and your wallet. This is exactly what you get with the Tillman 556 backhand pad. Measuring in at 7.5in long by 5.25in wide this pad has straps made of leather and elastic that have been reinforced with Kevlar stitching and staples for added strength. Being as they can be reversed to the opposite side of the pad at any time this is necessary the added strength helps prevent fraying and tarring of the straps themselves. Now the pad itself is made of 3 layers of protection. One either side of the pad is a reflective layer of aluminized carbon Kevlar (ACK), and the inner layer of the pad is0.5in glass mat insulation to help further reflect heat away from the wearers hands. Making this glove ideal of those that seek to get the most bang out of the money they spend on their accessories.

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