Metabo 6" x .040" x 7/8", Type 1, A60TZ #655339000 (pack of 50)

Part Number: 655339000
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Metabo Type 1 Slicer Wheel #655339000: Special-Formula Abrasive Quality (pack of 50)

The Famous Metabo "SLICER" cut off Wheel. The perfect cutting wheel for your Metabo 6" Grinder.

  • Aluminum oxide general purpose wheel for heavier working conditions for steel and other ferrous metals.
  • Very fast rate of cut
  • Good wheel life.
  • Flexibility for flush cutting.

The Metabo type 1 slicer wheel 655339000 from Welders Supply is a “Super Slicer,” designed with a special-formula, high-performance abrasive grain. This product is long-lasting and fast-cutting. It’s excellent for severe applications where extreme work is needed to cut thick stainless steel, alloys, chromes and other extremely hard metals. It’s designed especially for your Metabo 6-inch Grinder. The Metabo type 1 slicer wheel 55.339 from Welders Supply will enable you to do aggressive cutting on all metals. You’ll be able to handle thicker sectional cuts in steels, stainless steels, harder metals, heavy rebar, heavy wall pipe, harder metals and angle iron. This is a tough, hard-working wheel!

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Pack of 50

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