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Harris Port-A-Torch® Outfit #4403211

Part Number: 4403211
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Harris Port-A-Torch® Outfit #4403211


  • Heavy-duty weather-proof and flame retardant tool bag
  • Double stitched shoulder strap with metal clasp for easy carrying
  • Bottom features 4 non-skid feet and grommet for drainage
  • Storage pocket with heavy duty Velcro® closure
  • High impact, light weight, weather-proof polycarbonate frame
  • Embroidered Harris logo
  • Tip proof frame has tank straps with C-closure clasp, cups and cage that are molded into the frame to secure cylinders


  • All outfit components are industrial grade for professional use
  • Cutting attachments feature solid forged heads that resist flashback damage, triangular stainless steel tubes with brazed connections for added strength, solid brass forged levers for quick handle connection and a lock ring that secures torch nut in place to protect connector from damage
  • Torch handles feature silver-brazed, twin-tube construction for safety and extended service life and are made in the USA
  • Two-piece cutting tip is easy to clean and produces higher pre-heats and is manufactured with a beryllium copper shell to withstand higher heat with no damage to the tip
  • Welding mixer fits tip sizes 0-10 and are designed with lock ring to protect mixer seat from damage
  • Welding goggles are designed to accommodate prescription eyewear and take universal 2 x 4 1/4 replacement lenses
  • Instruction manual included with all outfits
Part NumberModel NumberKit ContentsTip Seat StyleTorch HandleTorch Head AngleCutting TipWelding and Brazing TipCutting AttachmentRecommended Attachments
4403211 Model 85601-200 DLX w/Cylinders Goggles, Striker, 12' x 3/16" Hose, 20 CU. FT. OXY. CYL., 10 CU. FT. "MC" ACET. CYL. (cylinders shipped empty) 6290 85 90° 6290-0AC 23A90-3 72-3 4301650 - 88-5FBT R&L FBA, 4301651 - 88-5FBR R&L


Height: 10.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Length: 24.00 Inches
Weight: 10 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Can the goggles be fitted with prescription lenses? A - Yes. They take universal replacement lenses.
Q - Is there a warranty on this? A - Yes, 3-year manufacturer warranty.

How to Leak Test the Regulators:

  1. Shut OFF Regulator.

    Shut off fuel gas regulator by turning adjusting key counterclockwise until loose.

  2. Close Gas Cylinder.

    Close fuel gas cylinder valve.

  3. Close Gas Torch.

    Close fuel gas torch valve.

  4. Check Pressure.

    Watch cylinder pressure gauge for several minutes. A pressure drop indicates a leak in the inlet side. A rise in pressure indicates a leak in the regulator valve.

  5. Check Gauges.

    All gauges should read zero when the pressure is removed. If they do not, the gauges may be damaged.

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