Tillman TrueFit Mechanics Cut-Resistant Glove Product #1470L

Product Number: 1470L
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J. Tillman Mechanics Cut-Resistant Glove #1470L: Great Flexibility and Protection

Welders Supply has the J. Tillman Mechanics Glove (#1470L) at the lowest price online.

The white and black Tillman Mechanics Gloves #1470L from Welders Supply are top-quality work gloves made with top grain goatskin and Spandex for a great fit. An elastic cuff with a hook and loop closure ensures a secure fit.

You want a glove that will last? You want the Tillman #1470L. Reinforced thumbs protect the areas most prone to severe stress. The palm is also reinforced, with a rough exterior for a better grip as well as longer product life. The leather fingertips are double stitched for extra durability. The shape is contoured with varying thickness for maximum flexibility with the least amount of bulk.

Sizes: small, medium, large, extra-large and double extra-large

Materials/Colors: Top Grain Goatskin (pearl color) with black Spandex


Tillman Welding Gloves Size Chart


Tillman welding gloves size chart


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Tillman Mechanics Glove Product #1470L Specs

  • Reinforced Thumb to protect severe stress areas
  • 'Rough Side Out' reinforced palm for longer life, better gripping power
  • Double Stitched leather fingertips for heavy wear area protection
  • Contoured shape calibrated thickness, maximizes dexterity, minimizes bulk
  • Nylon spandex for precision fit
  • Elastic Cuff with hook and loop closure provides secure fit, less bulk
  • Smooth surface fingers for improved handling

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Do these have flame protection? A - No, they're not designed for welding. They're mechanics gloves and are designed for dexterity.
Q - Would these be warm enough for working outdoors in winter? A - Maybe in California, but not anywhere with cold weather.

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