Weiler Crimped Wire End Brush 3/4" 10017

Product Number: 10017


Weiler Crimped Wire End Brush 3/4", .006" Stainless Steel Fill 10017

Weiler 3/4" Crimped Wire End Brush features a solid end construction and very flexible brushing action. Ideal for more demanding light duty cleaning applications in corners and hard-to-reach areas. 1/4" stem for use on die grinder and right angle air die grinder.

Features and Benefits

  • A solid end construction
  • Ideal for More Demanding Light-Duty Cleaning Applications in Corners and Hard-To-Reach Areas
  • Very flexible brushing action
  • Color-coded black for easy identification, even during operation

Material Application

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Compatible Tool

  • Die Grinder
  • Right Angle Die Grinder

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