Miller ArcReach® Heater w/Extension Cable & 2 Quick Wraps Package #951849

Part Number: 951849
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Miller ArcReach® Heater w/Extension Cable & 2 Quick Wraps Package #951849

Portable air-cooled induction heating system for preheat and bake-out applications up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (315° C). Package includes heater, extension cable and two air-cooled quick wraps for heating tools.

Miller ArcReach Heater #951849NOT INCLUDED:

  • ArcReach Heater Extension Cable
  • Air-Cooled Quick Wrap
  • Air-Cooled Cable(s)
  • Preheat Insulation
  • Preheat Insulation with Cable Harness
  • Cable Cover Sleeve(s)
  • Contact Thermocouple Sensor (probe)
  • High-Temperature Rope
  • Thermocouple Wire
  • Thermocouple Connectors
  • Thermocouple Attachment Unit
  • Series Cable Adapter

ArcReach Accessory

Compatible for select ArcReach welding power sources. Use existing on-site welding equipment up to 200 feet away as the heating power source. ArcReach technology increases jobsite productivity and efficiency by eliminating the time spent to walking back to make adjustments

Integrated Temperature Recording for Quality Control Requirements

Automatically and accurately documents joint temperature every time a heating cycle is completed. Export data and create temperature charts with ArcReach Heater Data Application.

Easy to Use and Set Up

Welders will find the system intuitive to set up, use and tear down the system without having to wait for the tools to cool down. Heating profiles can be manually entered or loaded via USB drive using the Data Application

Powered by On-site Welding Power Sources

Enables welders to use the same equipment used for welding. Utilizes standard weld cables to power the ArcReach Heater and eliminates the requirement for expensive power drops

Temperatures up to 600° F / 315° C

Ideal for preheat and bake-out applications on pipe, plate, or odd geometries. Induction heating provides a fast time to temperature, consistent quality and even heat zone controlled throughout the part.

Choice of Two Heating Tools

Air-Cooled Cables (available in 30 ft, 50 ft, or 80 ft lengths) are flexible to be used on pipe, plate or odd geometries. Air-Cooled Quick Wrap is a simple tool for pipe applications 10 inches OD and below.

Lower Heating Expenses

The ArcReach Heater System eliminates the costly overruns common with heating contractors and allows contractors to regain control of heating costs and timelines.

Minimize Safety Risks

Eliminates safety concerns caused by traditional open-flame heating and resistance heating.

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Height: 18.60 Inches
Width: 11.20 Inches
Length: 26.70 Inches
Weight: 43 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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