Dust Tray for ArcStation Part#300605

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Dust Tray for Miller ArcStation #300605

The Dust Tray for ArcStation #300605 from Welders Supply is yet another handy and practical option for welding workbenches and welding tables. As you know, the ArcStation is the first workbench ever designed and manufactured specifically for the needs of professional welders. This workstation is incredibly popular. The ArcStation accessories are of the same quality and they have the same purpose – to make your life more productive and profitable. The Dust Tray for ArcStation #300605 from Welders Supply is a great way to clean things up with no hassle at all. It is included with an X-pattern top.

The dust tray will protect the lower shelf from debris. Another benefit is you will be able to use the lower storage shelf with no concern about anything being damaged or dirty from your welding. The dust tray is well-designed and well- manufactured with sturdy steel. It’s a great way to organize your workstation for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. The Dust Tray for ArcStation #300605 is just another example of how thoroughly Welders supply can provide for all of your welding needs. Shop online regularly for the best welding products and supplies at the lowest prices on the internet.

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Height: 6.30 Inches
Width: 26.38 Inches
Length: 27.95 Inches
Weight: 21 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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