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Tillman Winter Welding Gloves #1412

Warm up with the Tillman Winter Gloves!

The Tillman Winter Gloves #1412 are great for combating heat and keep your hands warm during cold weather. The pigskin resists wet and oily conditions occurred during winter months. A top grain layer provides the smoothest most durable finish found in pricey gloves. The seamless Gunn back maximizes comfort by providing smoothness and flexibility. These welder gloves are fleece lined for soft feeling and warmth needed during winter. A Keystone thumb allows for increased thumb movement and great grip. The double stitched forefinger prevents unraveling from wear and tear.

Count on these gloves to keep you comfortable and warm even when working. Welder Supply carries the best Tillman welding gloves at unbeatable prices. Get your own Tillman Winter Gloves today for the best winter welding protection and warmth!


  • Premium quality pearl Top grain Pigskin.
  • Naturally resistant to wet and oily conditions.
  • A Gunn cut, Keystone thumb.
  • Fleece lined for added warmth.
  • Double stitching on forefinger provides extra strength.
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