Tweco VTS Velocity Contact (Pack of 10)

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Tweco VTS Velocity Contact (Pack of 10) #111013

Contact Tips for Light Applications

These highly durable contact tips from Tweco are a must-have for your new Tweco fabricator.

The tips come in 4 different sizes depending on your needs: .023, .030, .035 and .045.

You can never have enough spare parts. Nothing puts a stop to a project like missing or damaged parts. One accidental move and you may swipe important small bits and parts off the workbench and into a corner. Save yourself time searching for parts you didn’t know were missing in the first place—keep a deep supply of backup parts in your personal welding shop!

Tweco has been a leader in the welding industry for over 75 years. They provide welders with quality contact tips, welding guns, and other accessories at affordable prices. You know you’re getting excellent value when you shop Tweco.

Supplement your fabricator set with these contact tips from Welders Supply!

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