Tillman Backhand Pads, Replacement #558

Product Number: 558
  • Lightweight and Portable

Tillman Backhand Pads, Replacement #558

The back of the glove is the most common area that the sparks, spatter, and/or molten metal is most often to encounter; thus making the added protection of a backhand pad highly desirable by welders. One of these pads is the Tillman 558. Designed to be a replacement for the pad that comes with the 820BHP or 1266 welding gloves these pads still has the double layer of protection as the original pads. The top layer being an aluminized carbon Kevlar (ACK) that is designed to reflect the heat away from the hands, and a under layer of venniculite coated fiberglass makes for a double heavy duty layer of added protection. All while remaining securely fastened to the glove via 4 easy to use snaps on buttons placed on either side of the glove. That can be easily attached or detached even while still wearing the gloves.

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