Tweco Contact Tip— 11 Series (Pack of 25)

Part Numbers: 11101100, 11101101, 11101102, 11101103, 11101104
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Tweco Contact Tip— 11 Series #11101100 (Pack of 25)

Increase your productivity with long lasting front end consumable from Tweco, these welder tips are great for everything from light to heavy fabrication and other MIG welds. Buy these tips from Welders Supply and lower your usage cost immediately! Tweco contact tips are the key to saving money in the workshop. Not only are they cost-effective, these tips come with great design for easy identification too. Each tip is marked with a part number and wire diameter. The tips also come in two versions, threaded and twist lock, either way the tip isn’t going anywhere once it’s on. Check out our other consumable products from Tweco and many more trusted companies and get the best prices around!

Options: 11-23, 11-30, 11-35, 11-45

Increase productivity with longer life front end consumables using Tweco® Spray Master MIG gun series with Eliminator front end consumables. Combined with all the advantages of the Spray Master, this new line of MIG guns helps the shop floor lower usage cost with improved operator appeal. With over 40 plus years of experience delivering dependable and durable MIG welding consumables for light to heavy metal fabrication.

Twist-it and forget itFeatures & Benefits

    • Twist it and it locks in place
    • No threads to worry about
    • Increased surface contact between contact tip/diffuser for better electrical conductivity
  • Double tip life
    • Twist it quarter turn clockwise
    • When tip wear point is reached after use, twist it half turn counter-clockwise to expose a new wear point
    • This doubles the life of the tip
  • Thick-walled diffuser design acts as “heat sink” and conducts heat away from the arc source
  • Increases electrical conductive surface area and thereby increases electrical conductivity
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Included Features Easy identification - Each contact tip is marked showing Part No. and wire diameter
Excellent electrical properties
Inside diameter tolerance is held to +/-.003"
Machined from a copper alloy tubing providing a consistent and smooth inside diameter surface
Contact tips manufactured from extruded or gun-drilled copper alloy
Contact tips in either threaded and/or twist lock Eliminator style contact tips for Eliminator style gas diffuser
Threaded style contact tip to ensure proper contact with a gas diffuser when installed to the MIG gun
Used in standard welding application up to 200 amperes
Slip-On or Thread-On nozzle styles with a choice of diameter bore sizes
Gas diffusers designed for specific MIG gun series
Contact tips in either threaded and/or twist lock Eliminator style contact tips for Eliminator style gas diffuser

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