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Miller PipeWorx Running Gear Part #300368

Part Number: 300368
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PipeWorx Running Gear #300368

Miller Pipeworx Running Gear With Dual Cylinder Rack

The Miller Pipeworx Running Gear is specifically for the Miller Pipeworx 400 welding system. You are able to mount the right sized power source on the main lower shelf, while loading mounting a single or dual feeder on the top shelf for a ready to weld moveable system. The dual gas cylinder rack allows you to swiftly and securely transport your MIG gas tanks with you at all times. This MIG runner will help you maximize the peak performance of the Miller PipeWorx welding machine.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ergonomic Handles: The heavy-duty handles allow you to easily and comfortably move the Pipeworx welding system in your welding environment. The handles also provide a further protection buffer to the front panel of the power source.
  • Dual Cylinder Rack: The cylinder rack allows for two industrial-sized gas tanks to be easily mounted and safely transported.
  • Heavy Duty Wheels: The heavy duty full swivel steering wheels allow for full motion of dexterity, while the flat proof industrial sized rubber tires allow for easy pushing and pulling.
  • Cable Hangers: Provided for guns, stick electrode holders, and TIG torches.


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PipeWorx Running Gear Part #300368 Specs

Number of Wheels
  • 4
  • Running Gear


Height: 16.00 Inches
Width: 28.00 Inches
Length: 48.00 Inches
Weight: 120 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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