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Miller Remote Hand Control, 14-pin Plug #195511

Part Number: 195511
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Miller Remote Hand Control, 14-pin Plug #195511

Housed in a durable and light aluminum chassis case and a 125-foot (38 m) cord with plugs, the 195511 Miller Remote Hand Control is made to control your output power quickly and efficiently. The easy to use remote hand control is made for all solid-state power sources after serial number JK674521. The control knob allows for complete current or voltage control from 0 -100% and brings 120 volts of GFCI power to the work area in a single cord. The 14 pin connector fits the standard Miller 14 pin connector receptacles to allow for quick access and control of your welding generators. The control chassis includes a 120 V 20 A AC GFCI receptacle with Reset button as well for any additional equipment power.


Miller Remote Hand Control, 14-pin Plug 195511

Features and Benefits:

Aluminum Chassis Lightweight and sturdy chassis is constructed for tough environments
Built-in Receptacle
  • 120 Volt 20 Amp AC GFCI receptacle with protective latch door
  • Receptacle supplies 60 Hz single phase power at weld/power speed. Maximum output from receptacle equals maximum output from the corresponding receptacle on welding generator.
  • Overload protection is provided by the corresponding ac receptacle circuit breaker on the welding generator.
Industrial Potentiometer The control knob is sturdy enough to stay in place with the movements of a job site, while still being smooth enough to quickly change to your desired output power. The industrial-sized knob is made for a welder's glove.
125ft Cable Provides additional flexibility when working in separate floors or when a large workspace radius is necessary.
14 Pin Compatibility The Miller standard in remote access to welding machines, just plug, and weld.
Grab Bar Grab Bars add another layer of buffer protection to the control while making it easily transported to the next welding location.



  • Combination Remote Amperage/Voltage Control and AC Receptacle
  • 125 ft. "Y" style AC and 14 pin connector cord



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Plug 14 Pin
Complete Voltage 120 Volt


Height: 5.00 Inches
Width: 17.00 Inches
Length: 17.00 Inches
Weight: 36 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Does the control dial get out of place easily? A - No, there is enough resistance that it doesn't easily get nudged from where it's set.

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