Stronghand Ball Lock Bolts #T55015

Part Number: T55015

Strong Hand Ball Lock Bolts T55015

  • Ball lock bolts are an essential component in Modular Fixturing!
  • Strong Hand Ball Lock Bolts are a time-saving, efficient method of locating, and fastening fixture elements to the BuildPro® tabletop.
  • Insert the Ball Lock Bolt over the fixturing element and turn the knurled head with your hand for initial positioning.
  • The Ball Lock Bolt consists of three locking steel balls in the bolt shank that move outward to lock against the bottom chamfer of the table plate, pulling the fixture components securely downward and tightening them in place.
  • Once all the Bolts are positioned, tighten the socket head cap screw top of the Bolts with a hex wrench.
  • Ball Lock Bolts release quickly from the Bolt top with a turn of your hex wrench.
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Product Name: Strong Hand Ball Lock Bolts

Product MPN: T55015


Height: 1.00 Inches
Width: 3.00 Inches
Length: 3.00 Inches
Weight: 1 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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