Hypertherm® 100 Amp Nozzle #220990 (pkg of 5)

Part Number: 220990
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Hypertherm® 100 Amp Nozzle For MAX 100A/DURAMAX 105 Plasma Torch #220990 (pkg of 5)

Hypertherm® Cut Nozzle is compatible with MAX 100A/DURAMAX 105 plasma torches with a current rating of 100 A. It is sold as 5 per pack.

Whether you need to plasma cut manually or with an automated setup, make sure your mechanized and drag cuts are the best that job requires with the 100 Amp Nozzle For MAX 100A/DURAMAX 105 Plasma Torch #220990.


Compatible with the following torches:

  • Duramax torches - Hand - 15°
  • Duramax torches - Hand - 75°
  • Duramax torches - Robotic - 45°
  • Duramax torches - Robotic - 90°
  • Duramax torches - Robotic - 180°
  • Duramax torches - Machine - 180°
  • Duramax torches - Mini machine - 180°
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Height: 1.00 Inches
Width: 3.00 Inches
Length: 3.00 Inches
Weight: 1 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - How often should the nozzle retainer be replaced? A - Standard cutting allows for longer usage of the nozzle retainer, but gouging can result in faster degradation of the retainer. The retainer should last several nozzle replacements, depending on the usage.
Q - How will I know it is time to replace the nozzle retainer? A - When the threads have become clogged with slag or dirt, or areas on the cap that are worn due to heat exposure.
Q - What does the nozzle retainer do? A - The nozzle retainer holds the swirl ring and nozzle in place to help direct the gas for the plasma cutter.

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