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Manipulator #TU52020

Product Number: TU52020
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Strong Hand Tools Manipulator #TU52020

  • The manipulator uses two rotating axis and one tilting axis to position your work in the ideal spot.
  • For best results, always position the center of gravity of the work piece in line with the two rotating axis to achieve low resistance repositioning.
  • Access difficult joints without putting yourself in an awkward position.
  • Position the joint for fastest technique. Transition from vertical up or overhead to a flat or downhill weld.
  • Finish the job with less mental and physical fatigue.
  • The manipulator repositions fast with no need to un-clamp to maneuver.

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Part No.Capacity (lb)Weight (lb)
TU52020 110 165

Product Name: Strong Hand Tools Manipulator

Product MPN: TU52020


Height: 30.00 Inches
Width: 30.00 Inches
Length: 30.00 Inches
Weight: 165 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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