Tillman 20" FR Cotton Bib for Cape Sleeve #6120

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Tillman 20" FR Cotton Bib #6120: Complements Tillman Cap Sleeve

If you order Tillman 6221 Cape Sleeve from Welders Supply, you’ll also need to buy this Tillman FR Cotton Bib 6120. It’s another attractive and excellent piece of protective apparel for welders from Tillman, the world leader. It’s made with 9-ounce flame resistant material and is 20 inches in length. You’ll enjoy it because it’s cool and very comfortable. The 100% cotton Westex FR7A is fully flame retardant, perfect to protect you from sparks during light welding. There are handy snap fasteners with a cotton adjustment strap making it easy to secure around the back. The Tillman Flame-Resistant Bib 6120 can be very cost effective over the long run. If the bib is damaged, just replace it and keep the rest of the cape sleeve. Stay safe and look great in Tillman welding products!

You will need to order one of these if you are ordering the 6221 Cape Sleeve!

Great way to save money...replace the bib only if the rest of the cape sleeve is still in good shape!

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Tillman 20" FR Cotton Bib for #6120 Cape Sleeve Specs

  • 9 oz. green flame retardant cotton bib
  • 20" length
  • Attaches to 6221 cape sleeve sizes S-XL
  • Made from flame retardant, 100% cotton Westex FR7A®
  • Cool comfortable, washable. Offers protection from sudden flame exposure, light welding, and sparks
  • Snap fasteners with cotton adjustment strap around back of bib

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