Roll Cage for the Fabricator 211i Part #W4015104

Part Number: W4015104
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Roll Cage for the Fabricator 211i #W4015104

The Roll Cage for the Fabricator 211i from Welders Supply is perfect for carrying or skidding the Fabricator 211i. The power supply is not included. This roll cage will add even more versatility to your Thermal Arc Fabricator 211i. Don’t worry about skidding it because the Fabricator weighs only 58 pounds. It’s easy to move around your welding area wherever you need it. You’ll find it to be much lighter than competitive models with the same range of output.

This roll cage is sturdy and well-designed. It’s an excellent option if you have a lot of welding projects on surfaces which aren’t level or where a wheeled cart may not be appropriate. This roll cage is a safe, sturdy, dependable and readily affordable option. Contact Welders Supply online for the latest in top quality professional welding products and supplies at the lowest prices you will find.

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