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Miller Vise Kit for ArcStation Workbench Part #300611

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Product Number: 300611
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Miller Vise Kit for ArcStation #300611


ArcStation Vise Kit Part #300611: Perfect Accessory for Your ArcStation Workbench

There are many accessories to customize your new welding workbenches and welding tables with the ArcStation Workbench and the ArcStation Vise Kit from Welders Supply. It’s a heavy-duty vise, perfect for positioning virtually any welding project. The vise has a notched corner which fits perfectly into the ArcStation corner, then is tightened by a few simple turns of an Allen wrench. The five-inch vice is more than ample for most jobs. This top-quality vise will be a workhorse for years  and is the perfect addition for your ArcStation. You’ve spent a lot of money on your new workbench. Now you can customize it to your exact needs. Count on Welders Supply for a great price on the ArcStation Vise Kit.

ArcStation Vise Kit Part #300611: Easy To Install, Use and Remove

Every element of the ArcStation has been expertly designed and manufactured to meet the needs of professional welders. The ArcStation Vise Kit from Welders Supply is easy to install and remove, easy to use and simple to store out of the way. You can position it as needed at whatever angle you’d like. You’ll have a tight hold to assure accurate welding. Every project will be closer and more accessible. There is an ergonomic benefit, as well. You’ll always approach the job from a correct and comfortable angle. The quality of each weld is certain to be enhanced. The ArcStation Vise Kit for the ArcStation Workbench is truly the wave of the future, available online at an affordable price right now from the welding experts at Welders Supply. 

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Height: 8.00 Inches
Width: 13.50 Inches
Length: 15.50 Inches
Weight: 36 Lb(s) 0 Oz

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