Welding Equipment Maintenance, Calibration & Servicing in Crystal Lake, I

Call or stop into Welders Supply in Crystal Lake to get repairs, maintenance and calibration services for your welder or plasma cutter! We’ll ensure your machine works at its best so you get superior welds and a stress-free welding experience. We provide support and servicing for all welding equipment we sell.

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Crystal Lake Plasma Cutter Repair + Welder Maintenance + Welder Servicing

Welders Supply makes it possible to keep your welder, welding equipment and plasma cutter in perfect condition to ensure you can always do your finest work. Our services include:

  • Welder Cleaning, Inspection & Calibration: Regularly examine welding equipment for issues like loose connections or debris buildup + calibrate equipment as needed.
  • Lubrication for Your Welding Machine: Apply lubricants to moving parts per manufacturer guidelines to reduce friction and wear.
  • Wire Feed Maintenance for Your Welder: Check and clean drive rolls and tension settings for consistent wire feeding.
  • Electrical Connection Maintenance for Welders: Inspect and tighten connections for safety and consistency.
  • Software Updates for Welders: Keep equipment's software up to date per manufacturer recommendations.
  • Safety Device Inspection for Welders: Check fume extraction systems, grounding clamps, and emergency stop buttons.

Crystal Lake Welder and Plasma Cutter Calibration

Downtime, reworks & lost income? Not with Welders Supply! We’ll calibrate your machine to the exact specifications required for the precision of your job. We’re here anytime you need us to keep your welding business running smoothly.

Crystal Lake Welding Equipment Performance Assessments and Upgrades

You bring your best to your jobs, and your equipment should, too. Don’t settle for outdated equipment that doesn’t deliver. Bring your machines into Welders Supply for equipment performance assessments and manufacturer upgrades. Welder’s Supply technicians have the right tools and necessary skills to fix your welder because we are welders.

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CityDistance (miles)Travel Time (minutes)
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Naperville 40 45
Elgin 30 35
Waukegan 35 40
Cicero 55 60
Arlington Heights 45 50
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Schaumburg 30 35
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