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Hypertherm Operator Face Shield Shade 8 #127103

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Product Number: 127103
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Hypertherm Operator Face Shield Shade 8 #127103

Look up. Look down. Look any which way. Hypertherm has you covered. Literally.

This Hypertherm dual face shield protects your face from harm both when you are and aren’t operating your plasma cutter. Two shields give you the convenience of a flip up or flip down solution to vision while plasma cutting. Flip it down to cut, with AWS No. 8 dark state. Flip it up to inspect, and plan your next cut. It’s that easy.

If you want to keep your job as a plasma cutter or welder, your vision is extremely important to accomplishing your tasks. Loss of vision would almost certainly result in your termination. Don’t let that happen. Grab a Hypertherm dual face shield from Welders Supply today, and feel confident in your safety equipment. You’ll feel better about focusing on your job and less on whether you’re going to be blind by the end of the day.

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