Tillman TIG Welding Gloves, Kidskin (Onyx) #44

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Tillman TIG Welding Gloves, Kidskin (Onyx) #44

The Tillman TIG welding gloves 44 are based off of the number one selling TIG glove sold in America, the Tillman TIG cow-skin 24C. The difference between these two gloves is a matter of preference. For this glove unlike their predecessor are composed of kidskin which makes it much more lightweight then the 24C and thus allows for more mobility and flexibility. Other then this fact they both allow for superior protection, and comfort. Maintain the straight thumb style which allow for superb grip and use of the trigger when TIG welding, unlined for unobstructed hand dexterity, and held together securely by Kevlar thread. Making these gloves just as good as the top seller, but allowing for more mobility which some may prefer.

Welding gloves are as varied as those people that wear them, but here at The Welder Supply Company we have exactly the pair that will fit your hands the best and are what you need for your line of work.

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