Strong Hand Pipe Pliers #PG622V

Part Number: PG622V
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Strong Hand Pipe Pliers #PG622V

To hold onto a piece of metal that may be too small to put into a clamp pliers should be used instead, and the Strong Hand #PG622V are one of the best on the market. Specially engineered for the holding still of pipes while butt-welding these pliers has several features that make holding onto the metal a breeze. Including and not limited to an adjustable top spindle for holding pipes of up to2 ½ inches in diameter, and two large V-Pads at the ends of the pliers to better hold onto the rounded and angled shaped pipes. These V-Pads also come equipped with angled clips at no extra cost to achieve either a 0 degree or 45 degree weld. Which is necessary for when the pipe that needs welding may be of an odd shape, or in a hard to reach location; making these pliers a must for any person wishing to connect two pipes that run parallel but do not in fact overlap one another without such welding being done.

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Part No. OAL Top V-Pad Bottom V-Pad Throat Depth Opening Thread Weight
PG622V 6"
(150 mm)
Fixed Fixed 2"
(50 mm)
1" - 2"
(25 - 50 mm)
M8 0.8 LB
(0.4 kg)

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