Magswitch Magsquare 165 #8100494

Part Number: 8100494
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Magswitch Magsquare 165 #8100494

The Magsquare 165 produced by Magswitch (8100494) is the step up from the Magsquare 150. With a magnetic force of over 165 lbs. on all four sides and the bottom of the square, you will be able to hold metals up to 0.25 inches thick with ease--and not just flat metals. With a v-shaped groove at the bottom of this unit, it can be used on flat, angular, or even rounded metals.

The Magsquare 165 has M5*8 threaded holes on all sides of the unit to allow for the creation of your own fabricated jigs, and an on/off switch that allows you to easily place the magnets exactly where desired. Transportation and storage is also easier, with no worries about nuts and bolts in your toolbox hitching a ride on the powerful magnets and no damage to any sensitive electronics in the vicinity of the unit.

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Magswitch Magsquare 165

Customer Reviews

Magswitch Magsquare 165 Review
By: Anonymous
on 8/1/2016
"I work as a welder in a small fab shop, and I have found the magswitch products indispensable for my work. I purchased both the 165 and the 400, and use them routinely for set up work. The 400 is too strong and creates too much of a field to weld near, so it is used primarily to stablize pieces a couple of feet from where I'm running a bead. The 165 can be used in fairly close proximity to the weld area, as the field is not as strong. These models are not designed for high heat applications so I have to be careful how close they are to the bead, and how much heat I'm running. I usually work with thin wall square tubing so it's not that much of an issue as the heat isn't cranked up that high. I do a lot of metal cutting and grinding as well, and they help hold pieces when clamps are not possible or effective. The ability to turn of the magnetic field makes them easy to clean. They aren't cheap, but if you work with metal on a daily basis, they are worth the money. Great product!" - Review originally posted on

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