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Magswitch 90 Degree Angle 1000 #8100503

Part Number: 8100503
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Magswitch 1000 #8100503

The Magswitch 1000 can be used for right-angle welding through a combination of magnetic and rail-adjustment systems. Featuring a simple rail system that is fully adjustable with removable magSquares, the Magswitch 1000 provides unmatched versatility. Each magnet has a strength of 1000lb and can be turned on/off simply by rotating the knob 180°.

  • On/Off Switch makes for easy positioning and allows metal debris to be cleaned off easily
  • Fully adjustable rail system
  • Magnets can be removed from the angle for other use
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90 Degree Magnetic Welding Angle

Magswitch 1000 - #8100503

Max Breakaway:

  • 1000 lbs per magnet

Full Saturation Thickness:

  • 0.5" / 13mm

Product Weight:

  • 10.2 lbs

Overall Height:

  • 287mm / 11.3"

Magnetic Pole Footprint:

  • 72mm x 108mm

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Can additional magnets be added to the frame? A - Yes, you can easily add more Magswitches for greater holding strength.
Q - How do you turn the magnets on or off? A - You just rotate the black T-knob on top 180-degrees. The magnetic power gradually increases/decreasing while turning the knob.

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