Magswitch 90° Angle 165 #8100548

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Magswitch 165 #8100548

Get the perfect 90° weld with Magswitch 165 (#8100548) welding table clamps. Measuring in at only 8 inches tall, and weighting 1.8 lbs. this unit is attached to a rail system that allows for easy and simple adjustments of the magnets for any sized or length of metal you desire. With the simple turning of the switch you will be capable of holding these metals (up to 0.25 inches thick) with over 165 lbs. of force. And back again to be off for easy and safe transportation of this unit when not in use, or to get it exactly where it is that you need it most, but there is another feature that this unit has that makes it stand apart from the other singular magnetic squares. This feature is that with only adding attachment bolts to them other Magswitch Magsquare can be added to this unit giving you added strength to tackle even the most challenging jobs and thickest of metals.

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