Norton Gemini Rightcut Cut-Off Wheel Pkg 25 #66243527956

Part Number: 66243527956
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Norton Gemini Rightcut Cut-Off Wheel #66243527956

Whether it is stainless or not, cutting steel is difficult. Fortunately, here at The Welders Supply Company, we offer the best cut off wheels for every angle desired at a reasonable price, which is exactly what you get with the Norton Gemini 66243527956. This unit is in Norton’s “Good” tier, which means that you get the best item available at a moderate price. It is made of abrasive aluminum oxide in the style of type 01/41, which makes the wheel capable of reaching speeds of up to 15,280 RPMs when attached to a right angle grinder. The wheel itself measures only 5/8in hub by 4in diameter by 0.045in thickness and comes to you in a standard package of 25 individual wheels.

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