Norton Gemini Rightcut Cut-Off Wheel Pkg 25 #66252823602

Part Number: 66252823602
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Norton Gemini Rightcut Cut-Off Wheel Pkg 25 #66252823602

The cutting wheels produced by Norton are as varied as the people’s needs whom use them. The Norton Gemini series 66252823602 right cut wheel for instance is different than some of its counterparts in the fact that its size is larger (4.5 in diameter by 0.45in thickness by 7/8in hub), and it rotates at a higher rate than others with it reaching a max of 13,5580 RPMs. However it still features many of the qualities that people have come to expect with the Norton brand. This type 01/41 shaped wheel still is composed of an abrasive aluminum oxide that has been designed to cut steel straight when attached to a right angled grinder, and is in the “Good” tier of Norton which ensures that you get the best product at the lowest cost possible to you. With an added bonus of purchasing this product here at The Welders Supply Company you will receive 25 of these wheels in one package.

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