Hypertherm PAC110 Torch Assembly with 25' Lead #070058

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Hypertherm PAC110-25 Torch Assembly #070058

The Hypertherm PAC110-25 Torch is a state-of-the-art plasma arc cutting torch for the Hypertherm Max20 plasma welder. It supports a host of different consumables, and Welder's supply inventories a wide variety of PAC110 and Hypertherm Max20 replacement parts and upgrades as well. The PAC110-25 torch assembly is trusted by professional welders worldwide for its dependability and high-quality construction stemming from Hypertherm's reputation for superior quality welding products.

  • 25ft leads
  • Compatible with the Hypertherm Max20 plasma welder

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Hypertherm PAC110-25 Torch Assembly - #070058

  • Maximum Cutting Thickness Range: 3/16"
  • Maximum Current at 0% Duty Cycle: 20 A
  • Maximum Current at 100% Duty Cycle: 10 A
  • Gas Flow: 4.5 scfm
  • Weight: 3lbs

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Was is the gas flow? A - 4.5 scfm
Q - What is the max cutting thickness? A - It will cut up to 3/16"
Q - Which plasma cutter works with this torch? A - The Hypertherm Max20 plasma cutter

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