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Tillman Black ONYX Pigskin MIG Gloves Product #45

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Product Number: 45L
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Tillman Black ONYX MIG Welding Gloves #45

Super Premium MIG Gloves--Go To Work In Style!

When you’re looking for style, comfort and strength when welding, trust the Tillman Black ONYX MIG Welding Glove. This glove is made with black top grain pigskin for maximum wear resistance. Tillman's ONYX gloves and jackets use only the strongest top grain leather and the industry’s first 100% flame retardant cotton. 

Unlined palms provide a soft and breathable feel, while foam lined backs provide heat protection. A longer cuff protects your hand and lower arm from heat. The Kevlar stitching provides seam strength to resist tears better than the average brand. A straight thumb and strap reinforcement provide maximum gripping power. When you’re looking for a sturdy glove for MIG welding and low flame environments, use the Tillman Black ONYX MIG Welding Glove. 


  • All black top grain pigskin
  • All top grain pigskin cuff
  • Unlined palms for better feel and dexterity and foam lined backs for added heat protection
  • Thumb strap reinforcement for added protection
  • Kevlar stitching resists tear, maximum stitches per inch increases seam strength
  • Straight thumb for best gun grip
  • 4" cuff for added protection
  • Sizes - S, M, L, XL


Tillman Welding Gloves Size Chart


Tillman welding gloves size chart


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