Harris HMD Medium Duty Ironworker Oxygen Acetylene Torch Kit #4400366

Part Number: 4400366
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Harris HMD Medium Duty Ironworker Oxygen Acetylene Torch Kit #4400366

This kit from Harris contains everything you need to get started brazing, welding or cutting. The cutting attachments feature solid forged heads to resist damage from abuse and flashbacks. The solid brass cutting lever flips forward for fast, convenient, and positive connecting to handle even when wearing gloves. The Model 85 torch handles feature silver-brazed, twin-tube construction for safety and durability and easily replaceable Flashguard check-valves. The two-piece cutting tip is manufactured with a copper shell to withstand higher heat with less damage to the tip, is easy to clean and produces higher preheats.


  • Can cut up to 5" plates with included tips
  • Can weld up to 1/2" plates with included tips
  • Regulators feature an encapsulated Teflon seat for safety & extended service life
  • Features a 7 YR warranty for the regular, 1 YR warranty for all other components

Accessories Included:

  • Goggles
  • Striker
  • 20" x 1/4" hose
  • Insulated tool bag


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Harris HMD Medium Duty Ironworker Oxygen Acetylene Torch Kit - #4400366


  • D-85

Torch Handle:

  • 85

Torch Head Angle:

  • 90°

Cutting Tip:

  • 6290-1AC

Welding & Brazing Tip:

  • 23A90-5

Oxygen Regulator:

  • 801-145-540

Fuel Regulator:

  • 801-15-510 (Male)

Cutting Attachment:

  • 72-3




Height: 12.00 Inches
Width: 12.00 Inches
Length: 12.00 Inches
Weight: 12 Lb(s) 8 Oz

Product Questions and Answers

Q - Can this be used with propane? A - No, it's designed to only be used with acetylene.
Q - How long is the hose? A - 25 ft.

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