Weldcote's Carbon Steel 11 LB Spool #E70S6045X11SP

Part Number: E70S6045X11SP
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Weldcote's Carbon Steel 11# Spool #E70S6045X11SP

Weldcote’s Carbon Steel 11# Spools Give Consistently Smooth Results

The high levels of manganese and silicon in our wires offer a consistent weld, even on rusty or oily surfaces. Our wires have higher levels of these metals than the other standard grades of MIG wire. Weldcote’s Carbon Steel 11# produces one of the highest deposit strengths of all carbon steel MIG wires.

ER70S - 6 is used for butt and fillet welding of sheet metal and can be used to plate a variety of thicknesses. The .045 width is one of the widest ER70S-6 wires we offer, and can be used on thicker metals. It is not recommended for very thin sheets.

This is an all-purpose mild steel welding wire. The thickness of the wire lends itself well to farm and construction applications. The wire surface finish is second to none, providing the best feed ability and arc performance. This wire works with a variety of CO2/Argon shields.


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