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Hobart HB-28 ER70S-6 .030 Mig Welding Wire choose, 2 LB, 10 LB

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Product Number: S305406-019
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Hobart HB-28 Mig Welding Wire #S305406

Hobart HB-28 MIG Welding Wire Offers Versatile Use for a Variety of Projects

This .030 width wire is copper coated, with mild to low alloy welding wire. It is designed for use on mild steel, and has higher than average silicon and manganese content. A stable arc and good wetting properties make this wire a great addition to your MIG machine.

This wire can be used for a wide variety of applications, from general fabrication to automotive, or tanks to pipes, this Hobart HB-28 .030 wire goes above industry standards to provide an excellent weld with high deposit strength. This wire can also be used for a range of wire feeding speeds, from quite slow to moderately fast.

When selecting a wire, be sure to match your contact tube, gun liner and drive rolls to the wire size you are using. Proper fitment of your wires is important to get a solid weld. This Hobart HB-28 .030 wire is AWS classified as an ER70S-6, which is better for creating a smooth transition from the weld to the base metal (tie-in).

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Name HB-28
Category Mild and Low Alloy, Copper-Coated
Description A copper-coated, mild steel solid welding wire that is formulated with a high deoxidizer content to provide excellent welding performance with CO2 and argon rich shielding gases. HB-28 produces an exceptionally smooth and stable arc with minimal spatter and offers good wetting characteristics that allow for uniform tie-in.
Diameter 0.030 Inches (0.6 mm)
Package choose 2#, 10# spool
Applications Single or multiple pass 75 Argon/25 CO2 or CO2
Industries Pressure vessels, pipe, shaft build-up, tanks, farm implements, steel castings, auto body, collision repair and very thin sheet metal. Excellent choice when welding with wire feed speeds ranking from very slow to moderately fast.


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