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3M™ Speedglas™ Razor Dragon Welding Helmet 100 with Auto-Darkening Filter 100V Part#07-0012-31RD (DISCONTINUED)

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Product Number: 07-0012-31RD


See Speedglas 100 Series Black for alternative.

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3M™ Speedglas™ Razor Dragon Welding Helmet #07-0012-31RD (DISCONTINUED)

This 3M™Speedglas™ Razor Dragon Welding Helmet features a sharp design of a flame-spewing metallic dragon to let the world know you mean business when the hood is on. The Speedglas 100 Series welding helmets are known for their time tracking technology and excellent sensitivity control, and you can count on that as you blaze your way through TIG, MIG and stick welding jobs. The Speedglas Razor Dragon Welding Helmet features self-tinting lenses that quickly adapt to different lighting conditions to protect your vision. This helmet has also been designed to protect you from high temperatures and flame injuries, so you can live to weld another day. Check out the excellent Welder Safety manual below for complete details. Welders Supply is your number one retailer for discounted, high-quality welding helmets and equipment, so we can offer this Speedglas helmet for considerably less than retail price. Compare prices if you want, then come back and order your Speedglas Razor Dragon Welding Helmet from us!


  • Sensitivity: 3 levels—TIG (>10A), MIG/MAG, Stick
  • Mode: Grinding
  • Two independent arc sensors
  • Redesigned headband with smooth ratchet for precise adjustment
  • Holder for magnifying lens inside the helmet for easy attachment and better fit
  • Compatible with most 3M ™ Disposable Particulate Respirators
  • 3-year lens warranty
  • Metalworks dragon and flame design
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  • Light State: Shade 3
  • Dark State: Adjustable Shades 8-12
  • Viewing area: 1.73 X 3.66 in. (44 x 93 mm)
  • Number of sensors: 2
  • Battery life: 1500 hours
  • Meets EN 175:B standard

Switching time

  • Light-dark: .1 ms @ 73 º F (23 º C)
  • Dark-light: Approx. 60 – 250 ms

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